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Management Fee

A long-term goal of the Delta State University Foundation (a 501(c)(3) charitable organization as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service) (the “Foundation”) is to build the institution’s capacity to raise the maximum amount of private funds in the future for Delta State University (the “University”). The Foundation strives to utilize an equitable fee structure to cover essential operations of the Foundation as such costs are not supported by the University. The following fees were introduced and adopted by the Delta State University Foundation Board of Directors at their meeting on November 10, 2017. Currently and in the near future, these fees, at the levels, are absolutely necessary for the Foundation to function at its current level and to grow into the future. 

The Delta State University Foundation began assessing a gift fee based on all gifts received beginning January 1, 2018. This one-time fee is applied to all gifts except gifts specifically for “pass-through” scholarships. (For example, if one gives $1,000 for a scholarship to be awarded that year, no fee would be charged against the gift.) The following one-time gift fee structure was adopted: 

  • 10% on all gifts up to $99,999
  • 8% on all gifts from $100,000 to $999,999
  • 6% on all gifts from $1,000,000 and over
  • 25% on all gifts received via a phonathon (to cover additional costs associated with operation of phonathon)

A two percent fee based on the endowment’s fair market value has been and will continue to be assessed by the Foundation to each endowed fund on June 30 of every year. This fee also helps to support the operational needs for philanthropic growth at Delta State University.

Both fees serve to advance the Foundation’s goal to assist Delta State University in becoming the premier Division II university in the Southeast.