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Alumni Spotlight

Dr. Tara Dunn-Ross ’10

Hometown: Picayune, MS

Current Occupation: District Dean of Student Services | Northwest Community College | Senatobia, MS

What is your greatest professional accomplishment? My greatest professional accomplishment is co-writing and administering Project Gateway, a grant sponsored by the Women’s Foundation of Mississippi that helped women facing financial hardships complete their degree and move on to their desired careers. Project Gateway helped women pay for tuition, books, licensure exams, and even gas cards for students completing their degree at Northwest. Knowing that I was instrumental in creating a better future for women and their families in Mississippi made me both proud and fulfilled. Project Gateway was the perfect blend of my profession and passion; it reminded me that I was aligned with my purpose.

Why did you choose Delta State University to further your education? I felt connected to the college from the first day I visited the campus. On my first tour I met Ms. Betsy Elliott who connected me with an upperclassman who looked liked me, was ambitious like me, and was from South Mississippi like me. That connection was important to me, because it showed me that the college saw me as a person, and not just a recruit.

Share your best memory from your time at Delta State University. I think my best memory was Homecoming 2009. I was president of the NPHC at the time, and my mentor and NPHC advisor, Deandre House had accepted a new position at another college. In years past, I saw the work it took to plan a successful step show, and during the interim time of appointing a new advisor, I planned the majority of the step show with my mentor’s guidance. The planning and the weekend could have gone wrong at several times, but everything worked out with ease. That year I stepped in my first step show, and was crowned queen. Homecoming 2009 was by far my best memory at Delta State.

George Miller ’00

Hometown: Clarksdale, MS

Current Occupation: Vice President for Institutional Advancement at Southern College of Optometry | Memphis, TN

What is your greatest professional accomplishment? The three years (2014-2016) I spent working as Vice President for Development at Operation Smile was extremely rewarding for me. Op Smile is a global health organization providing cleft lip and palate surgeries in over 80 countries. It’s an amazing organization. I had the good fortune of working with some incredible people and grew both professionally and personally during that time. My youngest son, Preston, was born in 2010 with a cleft lip and palate. So, I understood the importance of the surgeries and the impact we were having on thousands of children each and every year.

Why did you choose Delta State University to further your education? Betsy Elliott was Director of Recruitment at DSU back when I was deciding where to attend college. She was an incredible asset for DSU. Betsy visited Lee Academy for a college night fair and encouraged many of us to take a campus tour. For me, spending a day on the campus helped to solidify my decision. I was drawn to DSU because of the size of the campus and the genuine friendliness I felt from faculty, staff, and students. 24 years later, I’d make the same decision again.

Share your best memory from your time at Delta State University. The 2000 football team’s run to a national championship was special. Being a student during that time and watching so many of my friends accomplish that goal was awesome. My fondest memories were experienced with my Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity brothers. There are way too many of those to select just one. I loved my 4 years at Delta State and the lifetime of memories and friendships that developed during my time in Cleveland.

Howard Brown, Jr. ’96

Hometown: Greenwood, MS

Current Occupation: Deputy Executive Director

What is your greatest professional accomplishment? My greatest professional accomplishment is progressing from an intern to Deputy Executive Director, the second highest position within the organization, during my 25.5 tenure with the Legislative Budget Office. I was granted this opportunity as a Delta State University student in the accounting department, and I am grateful that it has led to a fulfilling career in state government. During my tenure, I have played an integral role in building a strong cultural family-like bond within our team at the Legislative Budget Office.

Why did you choose Delta State University to further your education? I chose to go to Delta State University because my girlfriend had chosen to go to the school. Twenty five years later, we are happily married with three children. As a bonus, the campus appealed to me because of the small class sizes, diverse student body, and close proximity to my hometown of Greenwood.

Share your best memory from your time at Delta State University. During my freshman year, the Delta State Lady Statesmen won the NCAA Division II Women’s Basketball Tournament in 1992. That championship team was very special, and I remember attending the games with my friends enjoying every moment of that experience. My fondest memories were experienced with my friends through attending the basketball games, late night study sessions, video game tournaments, card tournaments, and playing intramural basketball on a team affectionately known as “Juice”. I loved my time at Delta State and developed many lifetime memories and friendships.

Andrew Yee ’99, ’00

Hometown: Greenwood, MS

Current Occupation: Certified Financial Planner, CFP®️

What is your greatest professional accomplishment? I believe my greatest professional accomplishment is helping a client have a worry free retirement. This client was very skeptical of being able to retire with a comfortable lifestyle and was very skeptical of the stock market. He did not know how investments worked or if he would run out of money in retirement. To his credit even with all the skepticism, he took advantage of his company’s retirement plan and accumulated a nice sum by the time he retired. When the time came to move the funds to his IRA, he was still very skeptical and worried. After spending many hours educating him on how the financial markets worked and how certain investments perform in different market cycles, he began to get more comfortable. I have to say it was probably three years after working together that he finally was at peace with his retirement. He had taken monthly withdrawals from his account for three years and his account was worth more now than when he started. He was so shocked and amazed. He did not think that was possible. The joy and relief on his face was worth the difficult conversations. We have now worked together for nine years and his account is still worth more than when he started. He is always so grateful and thankful that I was there when he did not know he needed me. To me this accomplishment is worth more than any plaque or exotic trip that many in the industry yearn for.

Why did you choose Delta State University to further your education? The biggest reason I chose DSU was the size of the campus and student body. I did not want to go to a large university to further my education much to the disappoint of family members. I knew the classes would not have hundreds of other students in them and the learning experience would be more personal.

Share your best memory from your time at Delta State University. This is a tough question to answer. If I had to choose, it would be the people I met from the faculty, personnel, and students. I met many lifelong friends at DSU.