Delta State invites you to partner in supporting dynamic changes that will make a transformational difference for its students, the university, and the community! This fundraising campaign will be one of the most important undertakings leading up to Delta State’s centennial year, and will help the university achieve the goals of its fundraising priorities.

Today the university is poised to move to the next level of success. Delta State recently adopted and implemented operational principles of a carefully thought-out vision that will help plan and guide its successful future. And, it has the capabilities and capacity for growth, which will allow the university to have an even greater impact on its students, alumni, community, and state. Transforming that vision of the university’s future success into reality will require substantial private financial support. State resources and student tuition alone will not cover the costs.

Few philanthropic causes are more worthy of your financial investment than the education of a young person who represents the future, and of an educational institution that is producing positive outcomes and results that matter. This is a ripe and critical moment in time — for those who care about Delta State — to support significant changes that will only occur with the combination of the university’s vision and your partnership and investment in its future. Visualize the impact and personal touch your financial support will have on future students as Delta State works to develop their minds and tap their human potential. Now is the time to invest in Delta State to support its clear and dedicated sense of purpose and vision, and to help meet the higher education needs of tomorrow’s students in an ever-changing demographic and world.

Imagine what your contribution could help accomplish!

  • Student enrollment of 4,500 – 5,000, which translates into more graduates who are prepared to fill jobs in the Delta and the state.
  • The addition of 300 international students to learn alongside state-based students.
  • Preparation of a record number of science students for medical school and other healthcare professions.
  • Increased number of Nursing School graduates to help curb the huge shortage of nurses.
  • Preparation of more teachers to address a critical shortage, especially in science and math.
  • Increased number of aviation graduates to meet shortages of pilots and other airline industry needs.
  • DMI’s studios serving as the music-recording center for GRAMMY® award winners.
  • Stellar academic programs that produce distinguished Truman and Fulbright fellows.
  • Athletic teams that compete at a higher level for regional and national championships.
  • Hundreds of students and faculty members going abroad to study and teach at partnering universities around the world.
  • University growth and prosperity that will boost the economy of surrounding communities.
  • Significant improvement in the success rates of those who come from poverty and challenged educational backgrounds throughout the region.
  • Education of more first-generation and Delta students who rely on Delta State as a platform to help them achieve better lives and successful careers.

These visionary results and outcomes are realistic and attainable with your financial investment and partnership in transforming this university. This investment in the future of Delta State and its students — will support the university’s student-centered culture and its focus on academic success and quality faculty with new and expanded programs as Delta State continues to produce graduates who are well-prepared to succeed in their lives and careers as productive citizens.

Delta State’s Fundraising Priorities:

  • Scholarships
  • Honors Program
  • Student Success Programs
  • Cultural and Visitors Center
  • Bologna Performing Arts Center
  • International Blues Program
  • Diversity Initiatives
  • Distinguished Speakers Lecture Series

The stakes are high! The time is now! The vision is clear! The need is great! The outcomes will be transformational!

Please join Delta State in supporting “A Vision of Excellence for a University of Distinction!”