Privately funded scholarships are the University’s highest priority for philanthropic support. Scholarships create a new pathway for students from the Mississippi Delta, many of whom are first-generation college students, and help them stay on course to graduation.

With 37% of the student population at Delta State matriculating from Mississippi Delta counties, the University’s scholarship budget must be underpinned by the generosity of its alumni and friends. Privately funded scholarships allow the University to compete for students who otherwise would attend a community college or other four-year institution. Just as importantly, privately funded scholarships make the difference in whether a student can afford to attend Delta State University or not attend college at all.

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Scholarships allow the University to:

1. Compete for the best and brightest (merit-based scholarships)

2. Provide an opportunity for financially needy students to access college (need-based scholarships)

3. Meet the academic needs of students who are unprepared or underprepared for college, but who have outstanding potential (remedial/development-based scholarships)

4. Supplement student-athlete scholarship aid

Student Testimonials on impact of privately-funded scholarships:

My lifelong dream of attending college is moving forward, thanks to generous scholarships like yours. Since named one of the recipients of the Joe and Carolyn Floyd Scholarship, my dream is becoming a reality at Delta State University. I am committed to my education and to the healthcare field and one-step closer to becoming a psychiatrist.

Sydney S.

Joe and Carolyn Floyd Scholarship recipient

Going to Delta State is my dream, but it is very expensive to fulfill that dream. Because of your donation, I now have almost half of the funds I need to attend the school of my dreams. I am one-step closer to being able to get my bachelor’s degree in Entertainment Industry Studies. I will forever be grateful.

Vicki C.

Marietta Crear Scholarship recipient

I cannot thank you enough for this scholarship. I come from a single family home. My mom works full time as a high school teacher. She has always worked hard to provide for my every need, but paying for college will be difficult at best. Education is a top priority in our home and I want to make my family and myself proud by continuing my education at Delta State University and ultimately becoming a veterinarian. This scholarship is yet another blessing for me, as it will lessen the burden of affording my education.

Conner S.

Joe and Victor Aguzzi Scholarship recipient

I wanted to express how grateful I am for your willingness to aid young students like me as we go on the journey of pursuing higher education. Despite my passion for gaining knowledge, attending college is financially difficult for families like mine if it were not for donors like you. I am eternally thankful for your contribution to my education.

Mariat T.

Kyle Trust Scholarship recipient

General Scholarship Fund

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